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Granite Con–A great time.

Granite State Comicon was a great show.

The gang at Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles put together a fine event. It had an awesome turn-out with plenty of comics fans and many attendees sporting the latest in superhero costumery.

I set up with only minutes to spare and displayed some of my paintings. It was not long before I received my first sketch commission–a dragon designed by Todd Lockwood for Magic: The Gathering. I don’t have a scan of the piece, but I signed it “After Todd Lockwood”—a tip of the hat to the master. :)

Next, a pair of costumed friends arrived with requests for me to capture their likenesses in character. I took some cell phone snaps and went to work.

Here is one Mr Mossey wearing his rendition of the Captain America costume.

He is holding a cupcake bearing Cap’s shield emblem.  Ahhh—the sweet taste of freedom…( that bird in the background is an eagle bearing a basket filled with similar baked goodies—it was cropped in the scan).

And-yes, he is wearing his Captain America briefs OVER his jeans.

Ahhh--The sweet taste of freedom...

And my third and final commission for the day was for none other than Mr Le.

He appears as a hopeful storm trooper some time after the destruction of his beloved home…

We can Re-Build.

Many thanks to both gentlemen for sending me the scans they did of their drawings after the show!

I am pleased to be able to share them on my blog today!

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  1. Administrator May 17, 2011 — Post Author

    Thank You, man.
    You make the The Empire proud!

  2. Quoc Le May 17, 2011

    I feel so famous! Thanks for the picture sir!

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