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The Daily Warm-up is back! In The Shade…

In The Shade ( painting time= 2 hours-thirty minutes)

I’m finally back to doing my daily warm-ups!

This one is pure watercolor on cold-press paper. I put on the film, “Independence Day” to time myself and finished before the closing credits began to roll.

Things have been crazy here in the studio.

These last weeks have seen me  doing a bunch of covers  for an upcoming game product line ( still hush-hush).

They are big pieces! About 18x 30 in size.

That means a whole bunch of paintings on my wall at GenCon.

Some of my time has been spent on the latest episodes of the Ninja Mountain Podcast. Episode 100 came out just last week! It was a whopper of a show with plenty of panelists and extra recordings from well-wishing listeners of the program.

We’re preparing to record episode 101 this week.

Well, onto the day’s painting.

Thank you for stopping in and I hope you like today’s sketch.

More on the way tomorrow!

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  1. Scott D. June 14, 2011

    Yay – very nice!

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