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I am back from GenCon–with art to boot.

I still do work in black and white now and then.

These were executed in acrylic which has become my preferred medium for just about everything. These were done for Headless Hydra Games.

GenCon was a fantastic time as always.

I sold some artwork and met some new art directors who seem genuinely interested in my work. My new paintings were well-received.

I was awarded the “Doug Kovacs Award” by Wayne Reynolds for being Doug Kovacs.

It makes sense if you don’t think about it…

Many thanks to Wayne for handing me my first award at GenCon. :)

It is sort of like the Marvel “No Prize”, but an honor none the less….now I just need to grow a rockin’ goatee….

The sketchbook was a critical success amongst my friends in the art show. Made a few trades and gifted a few. None sold in the art show to con-goers, but I am not at all disappointed. The book looked great. It arrived at the hotel on time and it was exciting to have it gracing my booth.

I will set up a sales page for the book this week I think. Might as well make it available at a low price for whomever might like it. :)

Stay tuned for more artwork to be released this week. I’ve been doing a fair amount of work for Dragon Dice product art which premiered at GenCon at SFR‘s booth.

Onwards to the day’s labors!

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