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Work in Progress! Cover art to “Bystle Vale”! Step 2-Digital preliminary work…



What we have here is a digital pass of gray tone that allows me to map out my lighting for the scene.

This is, perhaps, darker than I intend to go when painting gets underway, but the main shapes are present and it has given me plenty of ideas to consider when moving forward.



Working atop my rough gray treatment of the scene, I have begun to play with the color palette for my future painting. The warmth of our heroes clothing will read well against a cooler and lighter palette of background colors.

I am also playing with the potential use of dappled light coming down through the high canopy of the forest.

The early stages of a painting are often the most fun for me as they present so much potential and so many possible directions.

So far so good! I have been hard at work on the actual underpainting for this cover and will share that on the blog tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


This is the cover art to a new fantasy novel by C.Parker Garlitz and Jason F.Smith.

The book is entitled, “Bystle Vale” and is the first in a seven part series of novels.

To learn more about the upcoming series, head on over to The Cult of Yex !


To see what came before, head over to:

Work in Progress! Cover art to “Bystle Vale”! Step 1–Drawing on tracing parchment.

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