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Work in progress! Cover art to “Bystle Vale”! Step 3- Underpainting and first colors…



Today, I would like to share the grayscale underpainting that was completed yesterday. The washes of tone were mixed from ultramarine blue, burnt umber, and titanium white  which can create a  nearly complete range of grays.

This stage is important to me for creating the lighting structure of my painting.

If the values in my paintings are working well, then the rest of the painting will go more smoothly.

Having my underpainting in place allows me to wash in my basic colors right on top like so…


This pass of color is strictly water and pigment or a “wash”.

The palette of colors used so far are : quinacridone red, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light, hansa (lemon) yellow light, titanium white, burnt umber, and raw sienna.

You can see that the value underpainting can be clearly  seen through the wash and is providing the relative darkness and lightness that I need as I get my painting underway.

Stay tuned for the next update to this blog that will include the next stages of opaque paint and glazing!

Thanks for reading.

I hope you’re enjoying this work-in-progress as much as I am. :)



This is the cover art to a new fantasy novel by C.Parker Garlitz and Jason F.Smith.

The book is entitled, “Bystle Vale” and is the first in a seven part series of novels.

To learn more about the upcoming series, head on over to The Cult of Yex !


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