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My first acrylic painting

Lore of the Gods cover art

Lore of the Gods cover art


Throwback Thursday —Then and Now Edition. ( originally posted on FaceBook)

Folks in my friends feed have probably seen both of these by now, but I think recent events for me warrant a bit of perspective on my part.
The top image is my first acrylic painting.

It was executed on 11×14 canvas board and the image size is, perhaps, 8×10.
It was used as a cover for a small press game publisher and is from around 1999 I think.
The bottom image is from last week and is the cover for “Lore of the Gods” from Dragonwing Games.

It received a Juror’s Choice Award at Gencon where it was on display in my booth.
I couldn’t be happier.
These paintings are separated by around 16 years.
16 years of long days and late nights in the studio meeting deadlines and attempting to make each assignment a learning experience.

Trying to make each painting better than the last.
And making plenty of mistakes.
If someone asks me what I feel my best piece of work is, I strive to be able to honestly say,

” My latest piece is my best.”
I share this with folks just starting out, who may feel that their work is still immature and not up to standard.
Hard work over time coupled with a desire to improve and learn makes all the difference.
People may like my work or they may not, but one thing folks will hopefully agree on when looking at my stuff is that it has come along over the past decade.
I don’t post this as a chance to thump my chest.
There are folks who started out with more talent and better skills.
Folks who worked hard and improved far faster than myself.
And Lord knows I have many more lessons to learn, but I am pleased with the direction my work is taking.
I’ve seen similar progress in the work of my peers and it is heartening to know that I can draw inspiration from them as I walk the path.

Now, I better get back to work!

Thanks for reading.


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