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Marvel Universe 2014 sketch cards arriving April 16th!


I’ve been given the go-ahead to share my approved sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives’ upcoming Marvel Universe Collectible Card set!

I did 75 cards and all were approved.

Enjoy the gallery and, if you’re a collector, I hope you get one that you like!

Today’s Doodlywhatzit! Hard-headed



Today’s Doodlywhatzit! Hard-Headed.

Part 1 of my article on “Post Publication Payment” contracts is available for reading at Art Pact!

Part 1 of my article on “Payment After Publication”contracts is now available for reading at Art Pact!

I hope you will find the discussion helpful.

If you’re ┬ámember, head on over and have a read.

If you’re not yet a member, JOIN TODAY!–Pt–1

Marvel Universe 2014 sample sketch cards from Rittenhouse Archives!



Here is a smaple sheet of my full-color sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives’ upcoming Marvel Universe 2014 Collectible Card set.

Getting to work on this set was special for me as I have been a Marvel fan for as long as my failing memory will allow.

I hope you will check the cards out when they hit the stores.

You might even find one of my painted originals squirreled away in the next box you purchase. :)

My latest paintings for an on-line card game.

othersideofpain_web malignantblow_web breakthelinks_web


My three latest color pieces to be released into the wild.
I am particularly excited about these as I am starting to make better use of saturated and neutral colors.
I also did less editing of my natural drawing style.
It loosened things up a bit.

I realize the differences in these from my other work may not be all that obvious, but they represent a coalescence of things I’ve been working on of late.

I hope you like them!

Daily Warm-up. Green with anger!



Just a bit of fanboy showing through today in the sketchbook—with a quick and dirty pass of digital color for giggles. :)



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. A Doodle for you…


Some, He drove from the land.

Some, he saved…for later.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Valkyrie art for sale!





Original art to be featured in The Fantasy Illustration Library Volume 1: Lands and Legends from Michael Publishing LLC.
18X24 inches ( centered on 20×27 inch illustration board).
medium: Acrylics

Artist’s head is included in photo for scale.
Yes, the artist’s head is really that big…

He does not come with the painting as shipping costs would be ghastly.

Artist is prone to speaking in the third person when discussing price, but he is seeking $2000.00 + shipping for this most excellent painting.

PM, if you are interested or write to

Thanks for reading!

Today’s Warm-up. Renfield. A man who likes birds.



Renfield ain’t pretty.

But he likes birds.

He can’t be all bad. :)

Today’s Warm-up. Squish!