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A new comic series in development here in the studio.

Rane A Pilgrim on the Grey Plains

A Pilgrim on the Grey Plains


This is the main character in his current iteration for my first comic stories in development.


This will be a fantasy sci-fi project of my own creation.

Rane is a barbarian-like character.

His people were a nomadic species on his home world.

A capable hunter and warrior.
Still making decisions on his color palette and details, but I like this direction.

I hope you will follow along as the project takes shape over the course of 2016.

Thanks for reading!

Mars Attacks: Occupation!

Executive Execution!

Executive Execution!


One of my paintings for “Mars Attacks:Occupation” was shared yesterday evening!

Oils on primed hard board.
You can learn about the upcoming set at:

Inktober Fun! Witch Hat.



I’ve been too busy to make a daily contribution to Inktober, but I pulled together a few minutes the other day to introduce this young lady.

Back to my regularly scheduled program.


“Young” Octavian. Sketch for July 14th.

7_14_15_oldyoungster“Young” Octavian.
Octavian was one of the last vampires to be turned at such a young age. The “young” vampire would centuries later call for legislation to make the turning of young humans an offense punishable by sunrise.

My first two small oil paintings…

Clawful 5x7



Crowned 5x7



Warm-up for February 27th. Rebuild…




Warm-up for February 27th. Rebuild…
ink and watercolor wash on watercolor paper.

Available for purchase.

Warm-up for February 26th. Prowed…




Today’s warm-up. Prowed…
pitt artist pen on 9×12 watercolor paper.
Available for sale

Earthdawn is back! I got to create some art for the book…

FASA has returned and is releasing a new edition of  its amazing fantasy roleplaying game, Earthdawn!

Here are some of the piece that I produced for the book.

They are acrylic wash on heavy watercolor paper.
















Warm-up for February 23rd. Hell Boy…

Hell Boy  A character belonging to artist Mike Mignola.

Hell Boy
A character belonging to artist Mike Mignola.


Today’s warm-up. Hell Boy.
Cuz’ Mike Mignola is awesome sauce.
Brush and ink on watercolor paper.

Warm-up for February 19th. Night Child…

Night Child

Night Child


Today’s warm-up.

Night Child
Ink and sable brush on cold pressed watercolor paper.