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My sketch cards for Marvel’s 75th Anniversary!

My sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives’ newest release in honor of Marvel’s 75th Anniversary are out there in the wild now.

If you come across one, I hope you enjoy it!


Cover art for Questors—an upcoming title for Earthdawn!

Cover to Questors for Earthdawn from FASA Games, Inc.

Cover to Questors for Earthdawn from FASA Games, Inc.


Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Laubenstein on the cover art for “Questors”, an upcoming sourcebook for the Earthdawn Roleplaying Game!

The cover was just shared with fans of the game and I am pleased to follow suit!

Many thanks to Jeff for the opportunity to work with him on a beautiful game. :)

Here’s a link to the blog post showing previews from upcoming game titles.

The painting will be with me on display in the Gencon Art Show in August.

I hope to see you there!


My work on The One Ring: Rivendell is live!

Rivendell, The latest book to hit the virtual store shelves for The One Ring Roleplaying Game from Cubicle 7, is now available for pre-order!

This means I get to share my work on the book today.

Make sure to check out the book!  Rivendell and its environs are amazing places to visit.

It was a real treat to visit Middle Earth, once again, with paper and acrylics under my arm.

Equally exciting is that my work appears alongside that of my friends, Jon Hodgson and Jan Pospisil. :)

I hope you enjoy my latest images.

Thank you for stopping by!

All artwork is available for purchase.

Drop me an email at, if you’re interested. :)

whisperingruins_scan rivendellculturalactivity_scan trollshaws_scan queenofcastlehill_final

Sketch cards for “Beauty and the Myth” from Braiiinz Publishing.

dragon_scan183 lamia_scan185 manticore_scan184 scylla_scan182 treemen_scan181


These are the five sketch puzzle cards I did for “Beauty And The Myth” from Braiiinz Publishing.
They were fun to do and I hope they will make collectors happy should they turn up in their packs!

If you’re interested in a private commission from my studio, you can see my offerings on my Private Commissions page.

I can do sketch cards for your collection as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


The Diner–comic short story

Today I get to share a four page story I illustrated back in 2011 for writer extraordinaire, Ron Fortier.

Ron is well-known in comics circles as the writer of many popular titles including, “Terminator: The Burning Earth”–some of Alex Ross’ first published comics work.

Not to mention his revival of The Green Hornet, Captain Hazzard, and other pulp fiction heroes of yesteryear!

I was jazzed to get to work with Ron and he has graciously allowed me to share our efforts on my blog.

This was the first story to appear in issue 1 of ”Ron Fortier’s Tales of the Macabre” from Redbud Studio Comics!

I’m so happy to be able to share it here today.

It was lettered by none other than Jaymes Reed of Digital Caps Comic Book Lettering.

It was exciting to work with such talented professionals.

I lead a blessed life. :)

Enjoy the story!


Page 01

Page 02

Page 03


Page 04




Studio updates galore!



My copy of “The Fantasy Illustration Library Volume One: Lands & Legends” arrived in the post! It is a beautiful book complete with slipcase and more artists than you can shake an enchanted stick at.

The book is available through Michael Publishing, LLC

The original painting is available for purchase for the asking price of $2,000.00

Contact me if you’re interested!


A story I illustrated for writer, Todd Jones, is part of “Wicked Awesome Tales Vol 1″ and is now being released through Comixology for your reading pleasure. Some preview pages are up for viewing as well, if you click on the cover.


Episode 126 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast is also available for your listening please at:

This episode includes footage taken at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live and is followed by lively conversation between artists: Socar Myles, Eric Lofgren, Patrick McEvoy, and yours truly. A fun show for the budding fantasy/sci-fi artist in your life.


And finally…

“Klump” is currently being auctioned on ebay as of this writing.

He is watercolor on 9×12 paper and I am hoping he finds a great home!

Here’s a link!

Klump--- $75.00 --- 9x12 paper  watercolor

Klump— auctioning on ebay —
9×12 paper


Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you’ll check out the links posted today and enjoy some browsing.

Take care, my dear reader!



Free Comic Book Day 2014


I hope you enjoy this small gallery of images from Free Comic Book Day 2014.

The photo of me was shared on iamthink’s page on Facebook! Check them out at:

I was a busy man!

Hoping you made it to your local comic shop on that special day!

The celebration at Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles was amazing!

See you there next year. :)


Sketch for May 1st. Friendly neighborhood Spidey…



Pencil, sharpie, and grey marker.

‘Nuff said. :)


Done for this week’s Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles Sketch Club on Facebook!


Free Comic Book Day is coming to Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles this Saturday, May 3rd! I plan to be there with drawing tools at the ready to sketch for visitors.

I hope you will join in the fun!

Sketch for April 30th. What the…?

What the...?

What the…?


Today’s doodle is an immmmmmm…

I got nothin’.

It’s pencil and sharpie on paper.


On May 3rd I will be at Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles on Valley Street in Manchester, NH helping to celebrate Free Comic Book Day!

All of my sketchifying devices will be close at hand to draw for my fellow celebrants!

I hope you can make it!


Sketch for April 29th. Ol’ Juggy.



Juggernaut remains one of my favorite villains and, thus, the subject of today’s sketch.

Pencil and sharpie pen.


Eleven hours remain in the ebay auction of “Odd Nut”!

Last day to get your bid in!